"Street design and transportation planning in India" - TAM du 4 octobre 2017

Le Talk du mercredi : Un regard différent sur le monde

Pour le prochain TAM de l'ENTPE, c'est Ryan Christopher Sequeira qui vous propose un moment de découverte insolite sur le thème : "Street design and transportation planning in India" (conférence an anglais).

« Ryan Christopher Sequeira is a New Delhi based architect-urbanist whose work is centred around transit design and aimed at influencing a shift towards sustainable modes with increased safety and reduced carbon footprints. His project experience ranges from streetscaping to enable pedestrians and non-motorised modes, to mass transit terminals and multi-modal integration to master planning and policy-level interventions.

While his hands on work is focussed on design aspects, his research studies consensus building to make sustainable infrastructure a success. His latest research ‘Designing Transportation for People: key to an improved quality of life’ was presented at the NELIS Global Summit 2017, Kyoto, Japan and ‘City Insights: Education and Enterprise Opportunities in Six Indian Cities’ co-authored with Persis Taraporevala was published by British Council in December 2016.

Ryan Christopher Sequeira is a guest faculty at School of Planning and Architecture (Delhi), University School of Architecture and Planning (Delhi), Ansal University (Gurgaon) and Indian Institute of Art and Design (Delhi). »

Infos pratiques

Date : mercredi 4 octobre 2017, de 13h30 à 14h30
Lieu : amphi Prunier de l'ENTPE
Inscription gratuite mais obligatoire par e-mail auprès de : accueil@entpe.fr