Campus and student life

Date of the last update : 08/11/2019

ENTPE is situated on the same campus as the Lyon School of Architecture (ENSAL), in the centre of Vaulx-en-Velin in the Greater Lyon area and a hundred meters or so from the main student halls and a supermarket.

The advantage of this campus is its human scale (1,500 students) coupled with the many facilities available to students. It is composed of a number of pleasant and well-maintained green spaces where students like to meet and relax when the warm weather arrives. Lastly, the campus has a large car park and both cycle and motorcycles shelters open to students.

/// Sports facilities

The ENTPE-ENSAL campus offers a number of facilities freely available to students:

  • tennis courts,
  • gymnasium,
  • dance studio / multisports hall,
  • gym,
  • Indoor swimming pool.

These facilities enable students at the School to take part in the various sports offered by the student association, or otherwise to practice at their leisure.

/// Other student facilities

The campus also includes various other facilities available to students:

  • a student union managed by the student association including a bar, a dance floor and a relaxation or co-working area with pool table and table football,
  • an auditorium with stage and backstage area for their productions (plays, musicals, concerts, etc.),
  • rehearsal rooms,
  • a wood club for DIY activities,
  • offices for the student association’s various clubs,
  • computer rooms and a project room open 24/7.

/// Documentary and digital resources centre

ENTPE offers a library open to all students, teachers and researchers of University of Lyon institutions. It helps students with their documentary needs and provides scientific and technical information services.

/// Scientific buildings

The two schools don't only have classrooms. They also house scientific laboratories (civil engineer, acoustics, energy, environment, etc.) in which students carry out practical assignments.

/// Student life at ENTPE

Students at ENTPE benefit from all the advantages of being in the largest student city in France: Lyon is a bright, vibrant, cosmopolitan city at the heart of the issues facing us now and in the future. The School’s rich associative life reflects this dynamic environment.

The rich and varied multitude of events and activities take place within the School throughout the program. It all starts in the first 3 weeks of the academic year, known as "induction”.

Induction provides the opportunity for students to discover the 70 or so clubs and societies set up within the School to help them make the most of their student experience through the countless group activities on offer.

Event after event takes place over the course of the year, forming an integral part of student life.

>> Induction

The first 3 weeks of the year are devoted to discovering the School and the city of Lyon!

>> Associative campaigns

 Over 3 months, these campaigns take place and result in the best 20 candidates forming the new “Student Committee”.

>> Bâtira

The Bâtira trade fair is organized by the School’s students and offers visitors - students, graduates, companies and spatial planning professionals - the opportunity to meet and exchange ideas. The event attracts companies of all sizes, from SMEs to multinational groups, in addition to the Ministry for the Ecological and Inclusive Transition.

>> Musicals

The 2 musicals produced each year at the School are a real tradition and involve more than 100 people.

Anyone can take part in the acting, singing, dancing, costumes, set or orchestra!

>> Rencontres théâtrales de Lyon

The Rencontres théâtrales de Lyon is week-long festival of theatre and concerts at ENTPE.

Companies come from all over the work and the whole school is decked out for the occasion!

>> Graduation and gala

These two major evenings provide the chance for former students to come back and spend time with the new arrivals. Preparations take place throughout the year, with the aim of impressing even the most difficult to please!

>> Ski trips

Ski weekends and a week-long trip are proposed during the year. A ski fair is organized ahead of the season for those wishing to purchase equipment, and there is even a ski workshop on site to repair skis the worse for wear!

>> Year group trip

After a hard year’s work, the year group trip organized by the Student Committee and enables first year students to travel and discover a major European city. The trip includes visits, nights out, local food and, above all, a host of unforgettable memories with the whole year group.

>> Public speaking contest

Speaking in public, convincing others, expressing oneself, daring to take risks: these are the key words defining the School’s public speaking club. After the holding of auditions, in which a large number of students take part, a grand final is organized in which the 8 finalists compete before an auditorium packed with students and partners.

>> Talent competition

Twice a year, the School’s “Art&Culture” club organizes a talent competition, giving each contestant free reign to sing, dance and express themselves alone or in a group before a packed auditorium!

>> Sporting events

TRAMS, T4R, TOSS, Massilia… They may mean nothing to you now, but they constitute unmissable events in the sporting and social lives of students at ENTPE!

ENTPE encourages students not only to take part in this rich associative life but also to take control of it. By organizing their own events, students use and develop essential organizational and communication skills: a first step in the path towards professionalization.


For more information, see the website of the ENTPE Student Association.

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