Histoire de l'ENTPE

History of ENTPE

Date of the last update : 08/11/2019

In 1954, the Ministry of Public Works, Transport and Tourism decided to create the School, which would go one to become the National School of State Public Works.

Key dates in the history of ENTPE:

  • 1954: Foundation of ENTPE to train civil service engineers in the Ministry of Equipment.
  • 1971: ENTPE is accredited to award engineering degrees.
  • 1975: Establishment at Vaulx-en-Velin.
  • 1977: 1st research laboratories.
  • 1987: ENTPE diversifies its student base by admitting non civil servant students.
  • 2006-2007: ENTPE becomes a member of the “University of Lyon” higher education and research cluster (PRES). Accredited to award PhDs.
  • 2014: Sixty years after its creation, ENTPE becomes a member of the “University of Lyon” community of universities and institutions (COMUE).
  • 2017: ENTPE becomes a member of IDEXLYON (Initiation of Excellence).