The Transport Teaching and Research Department coordinates ENTPE’s actions on the theme of transport, both in terms of teaching (higher education and professional development) and research. It therefore directly runs themed courses and areas of specialization within the graduate engineering degree program.

Teaching is structured around two areas of specialization: Mobility Engineering (IM), supported by the Transport and Traffic Engineering Laboratory (LICIT) and Transport and Territories (TT), supported by the Transport, Urban Planning and Economics Laboratory (LAET).

These two areas of specialization enable students to address the wide range of themes and approaches in the vast world of transport and mobility:

  • The “Mobility Engineering” area of specialization offers an in-depth approach to traffic operation and modelling techniques using applied mathematical tools.
  • the “Transport and Territories” area of specialization focuses on economics, spatial planning, political science and sociology as well as statistics and modelling to address transport issues with the aim of designing and implementing sustainable and consistent transport policies, both at the various spatial and temporal levels and in terms of intermodality.

While these two areas of specialization focus on the same subject, i.e. “transport”, they differ in the disciplines they employ and the tools they use, as well as in the temporal scales they address.