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Recruit talented people

Date of the last update : 26/01/2022

Attracting young talent is crucial for companies.

Each year, ENTPE trains more than 200 students on the graduate engineering degree program, Master and Advanced Master students and PhD students for the benefit of companies , the State and local authorities.

Please find below all the contacts necessary to offer our students internships and final year projects, recruit an ENTPE graduate or entrust our students with an assignment or work:

/// Offer internships or final year projects

Internships are an integral part of ENTPE curricula whether for trainee engineers or for MSc students. They are a cornerstone of the educational program and help students understand the professional world. They also offer access to essential technical know-how and professional skills.

Internships can take place in France or abroad, in a variety of organizations: company, research laboratory, local authority, public institution, government department, association, etc.

Would you like to offer an internship or final year project? Post your offers on the School’s Career Centre.

>> Important deadlines

Type of offer Period and duration Submission of offers
Job Placement in Bsc. Year From 4 to 8 weeks

Between Mid-June and end of August
From February
Professionnal internship in M1 year From 18 to 20 weeks

Early April to Mid-August
From November
Final year project in Msc year From 12 to 20 weeks

Early April to Mid-August
From November
Employment offer for trainee engineer Permanent contract, fixed-term

contract, Volunteer for International

Experience, secondment,
Permanent deposit

>> Type of offers

  • Job placement in Bsc. year

The overarching objective of this work placement is to help students, whether through manual labor or office work, to discover how an organization work and hierarchical relationships between managers and their teams . To be carried out at the end of 3rd year this non managerial practical work placement is to last at least 4 weeks. During this time

students are expected to fully integrate a working team in which their student-engineer status is to be ignored.

  • Professional internship in M1 year

This internship aims at giving the student first hand experience of the many facettes of the profession. This entails the intern being fully integrated into a team while fulfilling a technical task. This task should match what is expected of an engineer starting out on their career. Besides this production, the intern is expected to analyse and present a report on the social relations within the organisation.

  • Final year project in Msc year

The three year curriculum culminates in a mission in companies, local authorities, public institutions, state departments or laboratories. Students are expected to carry out a high level scientific, technical and methodological study. Where possible this study should be within the bounds of an existing project. This study leads to a written thesis and vivo.

This project is a veritable recrutement gateway: over the last 5 years, and on average, 50% of private sector engineers were recruted following their final year project.

  • Employment offers for trainee engineers, recently graduated engineers and experienced engineers

These job offers cover all types of contracts lasting over 3 months including Voluntary Service Overseas (VIE).


/// Recruit an ENTPE graduate

Are you looking to recruit a graduate? Post your offers on the School’s Career Centre.

Are you looking to recruit an experienced engineer?

Contact the AITPE, the School’s alumni association.

/// Entrust our students with an assignment or work

  • The JCTPE is a Junior Enterprise run jointly by ENTPE and the Lyon School of Architecture (ENSAL). It is run by student volunteers, who seek paid assignments to offer students for companies or government authorities.
  • The JCTPE is an excellent way for students to acquire professional experience, familiarize themselves with how companies operate and what is expected of them and prepare themselves for future employment.
  • A portion of the fees received by the JCTPE goes towards supporting the schools’ various events and associations.

The types of assignments carried out by students include technical studies, market studies, IT studies, designs/graphics/communications, staff training, consulting, etc.


E-mail : jctpe@jctpe.fr

Tél : +33 (0)4 72 04 71 89

Accédez au site internet de la JCTPE