Laboratoire ingénierie, circulation, transports (LICIT)

Transport and Traffic Engineering Laboratory (LICIT)

Date of the last update : 07/07/2021

Created in 1993, the Transport and Traffic Engineering Laboratory (LICIT) is a research unit placed under the dual supervision of the ENTPE and the University Gustave Eiffel. It is located on the sites of the Gustave Eiffel University in Bron and the ENTPE in Vaulx-en-Velin.

The main research themes of the laboratory concern the modeling and the regulation of multimodal transport systems.

LICIT in figures
Technician, engineer and administrative staff
doctoral students

Such research scope covers high-challenging issues (environmental impact of mobility, intelligent transport systems, multimodality and intermodality), which are tackled according to an “integrated” approach that brings together complementary scientific skills.

The laboratory is also working on the development of innovative tools for intelligent mobility, studying the impact of new mobility services (car sharing, mobility on demand) and ways to improve the resilience of transport systems.

Finally, the laboratory is interested in the study of mobility patterns and user behavior via techniques derived from artificial intelligence (big data, statistical learning, etc.).

The models developed by the LICIT provide concrete decision support and contribute to the development of tools for sustainable traffic management.

As an applied research laboratory, the LICIT places itself at the interface between the physical and digital worlds with a strong experimental basis: the knowledge produced is then validated experimentally from operational data.

Thus, LICIT pays particular attention to the comparison of data and models, which requires experimental activity and the strong support of experimental platforms and living labs.