Laboratoire ingénierie, circulation, transports (LICIT)

Transport and Traffic engineering Laboratory (LICIT)

Date of the last update : 19/04/2021

The Transport and Traffic Engineering Laboratory (LICIT) conducts research on the dynamic modelling and regulation of road traffic flows, integrating the various modes of transport using the roads.

This research involves a range of disciplines linked to applied mathematics, automatics and information technology. It also involves experimentation.

The LICIT is situated at the IFSTTAR site in Bron and at ENTPE in Vaulx-en-Velin.

LICIT in figures
Technician, engineer and administrative staff
doctoral students

/// 2 research themes

  • Modelling and Optimization for Intelligent Mobility (MOMI): this consists in developing methods and tools for intelligent, multi-modal and cooperative mobility taking into account the advantages of Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS)
  • Multi-Scale Traffic Analysis and Modelling (AMMET): the general objective here is to better understand the links between (i) vehicle and traffic behaviour and (ii) transport system efficiency and the associated environmental impact. This objective then includes the development of regulation strategies to optimize traffic management according to multiple criteria.

The entire LICIT is involved in a number of cross-disciplinary actions based on management tools for the digital city.

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