Laboratoire d'écologie des hydrosystèmes naturels et anthropisés (LEHNA)

Natural and Man-made Hydrosystems Ecology Laboratory (LEHNA)

Date of the last update : 22/03/2023


The Natural and Man-made Hydrosystems Ecology Laboratory (LEHNA) is a mixed research team (UMR 5023) supervised by 3 institutions: the CNRS, Lyon 1 University and ENTPE. It is under a contract with the INRA and is based at two sites: Villeurbanne and Vaulx-en-Velin.

The Impact of Pollutants on Ecosystems team is based at the ENTPE site.

The team's research involves assessing the environmental impact of transport infrastructure and urban development.

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Technicians, engineers and administrative staff
Doctoral students

The aim of the research conducted by LEHNA’s team is:

  • to enable the design and development of tools and parameters for characterizing the functional state of ecosystems,
  • to assess the disruptions and ecotoxicological risks incurred by living communities,
  • to produce explanatory and predictive models of how the environments in question function.

The aim of this research is therefore to provide reliable evidence for decision-making and help manage anthropic environments.

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