Career opportunity

Career opportunities

Date de la dernière mise à jour : 27/09/2022

ENTPE engineers often rise quickly to managerial then executive positions. Their careers commence in primarily technical positions, as researcher, project manager or operational manager, from which they evolve to take over responsibility for a department, activity or profit centre, etc.

Thanks to their general training coupled with their specialization in a particular theme, ENTPE engineers fulfil a variety of assignment with great scope for career advancement. They also have access to scientific careers in the themes offered by the School.

/// Possible assignments by field

>> Building and civil engineering

  • Direct and manage the construction of a building or facility, including the technical, financial, human, organization and environmental plans
  • Design and scale a facility or building and assess its cost and impact
  • Consider and prepare the resources, tools and methods for implementing a sustainable planning project
  • Define, organize and manage and property development or renovation project

>> Transports

  • Conduct research with a view to planning a facility (waterway, road, rail, car park, etc.)
  • Scale and operate a transport service (tramway, subway, bus, cycle paths and road traffic) and manage its interfaces with the other modes of transport
  • Manage a multimodal transport hub (railway station, airport, port)
  • Organize urban mobility and its impact in a local area

>> City and environment

  • Design and implement public policies in the field of the environment, housing and urban planning
  • Carry out studies and projects in the field of sanitation, waste management, urban ecology, planning for waterways and coastlines and risk prevention
  • Implement urban projects, participate in the strategic development and urban planning of a conurbation or urban region

/// Careers

There is, of course, no typical career path. Every engineer is the architect of their own career.

Careers are increasingly diverse.

There are many opportunities to pass from one field to another and between private, public and para-public employers regardless of the engineer’s status (civil servant or non civil servant). Regardless of public or private sector, promotions and changes of role are obtained thanks to a recognition of the individual’s professional qualities and experience.

Career advancement in the same organization often involves functional and/or geographical mobility.

In the private sector, changing employer can enable you to obtain a significant step up in your career and in your salary (+15% according to a study by APEC).