Des logements à proximité

Nearby accomodation

Date de la dernière mise à jour : 21/03/2024

Are you joining ENTPE in September and looking for accommodation? Whether you want to live right beside the campus, in Lyon or in the Greater Lyon area, a number of options are available to you.

des logements à proximité du campus

/// Accommodation close to campus

Thanks to an agreement with Est Métropole Habitat, ENTPE students can live in halls right next to the campus. A great many of our students live in these halls. Apart from the advantage of being right next to ENTPE, these halls offer very attractive value for money.

Est Métropole Habitat has a special website enabling you to choose and reserve your accommodation upon receipt of your admission confirmation. One of the halls offers an innovative and original flat-sharing solution called "les Koloc’ à projets solidaires” (“roommates with solidarity projects”).


Are you joining ENTPE as an international student, PhD student or researcher?

Please try the Dublin, Ksar, Montréal and Tokyo halls first.
Please forward a copy of your accommodation application to
Should you have any problems, please contact

Admissibles ENTPE 2018

Students can also guide you in the right direction, so don’t hesitate to contact them on Facebook: Admissibles ENTPE

/// Apply for accommodation

Students need to complete the accommodation application procedures themselves, usually on site. This may require the presence of the student’s guarantors, usually their parents.

ENTPE issues an admission certificate to facilitate accommodation grant applications (sent by messaging service in the case of repeated calls).